Essays and Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction:

Spring 2022, Skink Beat Review (August 2022)

A Path to Healing, Clerestory Magazine (July 2021)

The Year of the Mask, Table Debate (July 2020)

Good Gentlemen, Speak Up, The Manifest-Station (January 2017)

Rising from the NICU, Raising Mothers (May 2016)

One Last Grand Adventure, Altarwork (November 2015)

Mapping the Body, Hippocampus Magazine (May 2015)

My Mother’s Hands, Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie (2014)

Writing from the Stone, Catholic, Ink. (2013)

Healing Arts, Literary Mama (2005)

The Gifts of Vanessa, (reprint), Sonoran Mirage (2004)

Peoria Recycles Everybody’s Junk, Arizona Republic (2003)

The Gifts of Vanessa, Wordsmith (1994)

An American Immigrant, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (1993)

Visions and Promises, Bereavement (1993)

Stages: A Journey Through Womanhood, Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (1991)

Teacher’s Strike: Crossing the Line, Modesto Bee (1979)


Let’s Talk About Dialogue, Cross & Quill (Jan/Feb 2009)

The Positive Side of Rejection, (reprint from column) Art & Prose (Dec. 2007)

Tips for Writing Great Dialogue, The Writing Show (May 2007)

Six Steps to Getting Published and Paid, (2007)

Present Tense and First Person, Bobbing Around (2006)

The Process of Publishing A Novel, (2006)

Writing Terms and Definitions, (2005)


Jeanne’s Writing Desk, Mike’s Writing Newsletter (2005-Jan. 2010)